Partial Knee Replacement Allows Elma, Iowa Woman To Work and Live Without Ar-thritis Pain

Partial Knee Replacement Allows Elma, Iowa Woman To Work and Live Without Ar-thritis Pain

Credits Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Radulescu With Successful Joint Surgery

Deann Meirick, 54, of Elma, Iowa, is a housekeeper and laundry aid at a nursing home facility. She is on her feet a lot. Said Deann, “Both of my knees had been bothering me. I knew it was arthritis, but all of a sudden, my left knee was hurting to the point that I couldn’t put any weight on it.”

According to the CDC, arthritis affects over 54 million adults in the United States, making it a leading cause of disability. The disease can significantly diminish one’s quality of life, leading to pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility, thereby hindering daily activities and work performance.

Deann had cortisone shots to assuage the pain, but then she asked her primary care physician Dr. Lucas Brinkman in Fredericksburg if he knew an orthopedic surgeon who comes in from Mason City to MercyOne New Hampton Medical Center which is 15 minutes from her home. He said, yes, and recommended Dr. Radulescu who is an       orthopedic surgeon at MercyOne North Iowa Orthopedic Care at Mason City Clinic. and visits New Hampton weekly for patient visits.

Said Deann, “Dr. ‘Rad’ has a calm and soothing voice. He is very reassuring and I trusted him right away. Initially he gave me gel injections, but I wasn’t noticing much relief. I knew I had to wait three months after the injections to get surgery. So one day I called the office and told Dr. Rad, ‘I think I am ready’”

Knee replacement surgery, also known as knee arthroplasty, is typically recommended for individuals with severe knee arthritis who have not responded adequately to conservative treatments.

Deann got a partial left knee replacement on her medial side on November 10 in Mason City. “They kept me over night, and discharged me the next day. Immediately I was able to walk around the house and do home exercises. Eleven days later when I went in for my post-operation appointment, I got the bandages off, and then ditched the walker for a cane. I went to physical therapy at MercyOne New Hampton Medical Center two times a week for five weeks. Six weeks after the surgery I went back to work,” said Deann.

Partial vs. Total Knee Replacement: Partial knee replacement involves replacing only the damaged part of the knee joint, while total knee replacement entails replacing the entire knee joint. Partial knee replacement may offer advantages such as quicker recovery and preservation of healthy tissue.

The recovery timeline after knee replacement surgery varies for everyone but typically involves a period of physical therapy and rehabilitation to regain strength, flexibility, and mobility in the knee joint.

“In my initial recovery stage I was thinking I may never be able to take a bath again, but Dr. Rad said, “I promise you will be able to take a bath again.”

“My arthritis pain is totally gone. Before the surgery I would get home from work and sit in a chair. Now work is easier, and I am not as tired coming home.

Now when I come home from work I can do more like get more housework done, run out and get groceries. Things like that,” said Deann.

“Every week gets better.  My range of motion is fine. I need to work for another 13 years and now I know I’ll be able to.

Knee replacement surgery is highly successful in relieving pain and improving function in the majority of patients, with over 90% of individuals experiencing significant symptom relief and enhanced quality of life post-surgery. Studies have also shown that the benefits of knee replacement surgery provides long-term benefits, with many patients enjoying improved joint function and mobility for 15 years or more following the procedure.

“I lost 22 lbs before the surgery and now after the surgery I am motivated to keep going.

The surgery was a good kick in the butt to lose more weight and get healthier.”

“I like Dr. Rad’s personality. He has a nice sense of humor. After surgery I said, “Can I have a glass of wine at Thanksgiving dinner and he said, “You can have two.”

If you are experiencing joint pain and want to see whether you could be a candidate for a joint replacement procedure, schedule an appointment to see one of our board-certified orthopedic surgeons today at 641.494.5210.

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