Unveiling the Advancements in Interventional Cardiology: A Closer Look at Mason City, Iowa

Mason City, Iowa, is not just known for its collection of Prairie School architecture.; it’s also home to some of the most advanced healthcare services in the state. Today, we delve into the realm of interventional cardiology, a medical field that’s transforming lives in Mason City and beyond.

In this video, we explore the benefits of interventional cardiology and hear from Mason City Clinic Interventional Cardiologist, Dr. Samuel Congello who sheds light on how these procedures have transformed patient outcomes. His insights into the benefits of minimally invasive techniques and the convenience of receiving specialized care in Mason City make us realize how blessed we are to live in this community.

Interventional Cardiology: A Brief Overview

Interventional cardiology is a specialized branch of cardiology that uses minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat heart-related conditions. These procedures often involve catheters and small incisions, reducing the need for open surgery and leading to faster recovery times. In Mason City, residents have access to state-of-the-art interventional cardiology services that can make a world of difference in their heart health.

Benefits of Interventional Cardiology in Mason City

  1. Faster Recovery: Traditional heart surgeries often require lengthy hospital stays and prolonged recovery periods. Interventional cardiology procedures, on the other hand, typically involve shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery times. This means you can get back to your daily activities and loved ones sooner.
  2. Less Pain and Discomfort: With smaller incisions and less invasive techniques, patients experience less pain and discomfort during and after interventional cardiology procedures. This improved comfort contributes to a more positive overall experience.
  3. Reduced Risk of Complications: Minimally invasive procedures carry a lower risk of complications compared to traditional open-heart surgery. This is especially beneficial for patients with underlying health conditions.
  4. Improved Quality of Life: Interventional cardiology can significantly enhance your quality of life. By addressing heart issues promptly and effectively, patients often find themselves with more energy and vitality to enjoy their daily lives.
  5. Expert Care in Mason City: Mason City’s healthcare facilities boast a team of experienced interventional cardiologists, including Dr. Samuel Congello. Having access to top-notch care close to home can be a game-changer for patients and their families.


Interventional cardiology has revolutionized the way heart-related conditions are diagnosed and treated. With its numerous advantages, including faster recovery times, reduced discomfort, and expert care from professionals like Dr. Samuel Congello and the top-notch professional team at Mercy One North Iowa Heart Center, Mason City residents can rest assured that their heart health is in capable hands.

If you or a loved one are facing heart-related concerns, talk to your primary care physician about whether a consult with one of the Mason City Clinic cardiologists could be your next step to improving your quality of life. Your heart deserves the best care, and the Mason City Clinic physicians at Mercy One North Iowa Heart Center are here to provide it.

Video Transcript

Dr. Samuel J. Congello, DO

I’m an interventional cardiologist, which is a cardiologist that intervenes on patients. Otherwise, I do balloons and put stents in on hearts and legs, pacemakers, things like that. We do all the high-end stuff, high-risk angioplasty with left ventricular assist devices, which are like artificial hearts and implantable. We do a very aggressive limb salvage, probably one of the most aggressive in the state, probably in the area. So there’s not much that we don’t do.

A good fair amount of our patients are 80 and over because people and Iowa live a very long time. They’re generally a healthy population. They have demands and they want to be active, and they don’t want to sit at home in a rocking chair. They want to do what they want to do. So age is irrelevant to us. It’s what you want to do and what your quality of life is, and that’s what’s nice about Mason City. A lot of places, you’re an interventional cardiologist, you might see them for that hour doing your procedure and never see them again. Well, here I see them and I see them over and over again. I know what their problems are. I understand them. I know their family. I’ve taken care of grandparents, parents and kids in the same family because it’s a familial disease. I’ll see them in the hospital, I’ll see them in the office, I’ll see them at the grocery store, and I like that type of practice. I think it’s better care for the patient that way.

So when patients come to the office, we discuss with them risk modification, how to reduce their risk factors of heart disease. The big thing is diet. How to adjust their diet. What’s a good diet for them? What’s a reasonable diet for them? We talk about smoking cessation, we talk about exercise programs, talk about ways to relieve stress because you’re not just doing the procedure, you’re taking care of the patient. So why go to the big garage than go to a small garage, get the same type of care, and people know you. That’s not my saying. That’s what patient say.

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