Mason City Clinic’s Mission – Deliver Highest Quality Medical & Surgical Care

Hi – I am Christopher Adams, MD, the president of the Mason City Clinic, and a practicing urologist here for eight years. I hope you will take the time to watch our new Mason City Clinic video. It tells the story of our mission at the Clinic which is to deliver the highest quality medical & surgical care to you, our North Iowa community. We pride ourselves on the excellence of all Mason City Clinic staff, many of whom greet you at registration, and also work tirelessly behind the scenes, to help our providers bring you extraordinary specialized care. Please note that we see patients in Mason City, but our physicians also conduct 325 outreach clinics per month all over North Iowa to make care convenient to you. I am honored to work here, and I thank you for entrusting us to your care.


Christopher Adams, MD: Mason City Clinic is comprised of 46 doctors representing 15 different specialties. We cover different aspects of surgical and medical care. I think that there’s a misconception when we talk about rural medicine and medicine that’s done in places that are traditionally a big city. Our physicians are board certified. We went to fantastic residencies. I think that the quality of medicine and treatment that you get here at the Mason City Clinic rivals any place in the country.

George: They found some cancer in my stomach. Dr. Lund explained what they’re going to do and what it would take, found it, and took it out, and made me good enough that I get back in the saddle, I guess.

Mike: I decided to do knee replacement or at least confer with Dr. Crane about the knee replacement because of my age. I feel more mobility, number one. Plus, I feel like I can keep up with my wife when we walk.

Christopher Adams, MD: The Mason City Clinic is really concerned with what it’s going to take to holistically make the patient better. When we see our patients here, we want to know both what’s clinically wrong with them. You know what the problem is, why they come to see us. But we also value North Iowans as a person. What can I do for you today? What can I do to make your life better?

Renee: When I had my pediculectomy, my insurance did not want to pay for the hospital stay. So we got to the point where Dr. Recinos actually wrote a personal letter to my insurance company, which I thought was way above and beyond what a regular doctor’s expectations would be. So he wrote that letter and my insurance ended up accepting it and paying for my overnight stay.

Christopher Adams, MD: So even though Mason City is only 27,000 people and the Mason City Clinic is based in Mason City, we service probably 300 to 400,000 people. Our physicians conduct over 325 community outreach clinics per month. Our radius in any direction, is probably going about 80 miles as far east as the Wisconsin border, as north into Southern Minnesota, as south into the Waterloo Cedar Fall region, and as west as the Algona/Spencer region. Delivering excellent healthcare is meeting people in their hometowns, seeing where they live, seeing their resources, and providing the best healthcare you can locally.

Mike: My experiences here at the clinic has been fantastic. I will see Dr. Crane in Britt on Tuesday afternoons because he has appointments at Britt, well, that’s only 15 minutes away from me.

Christopher Adams, MD: At the end of the day, we’re all mothers, we’re all fathers, we’re all sons, we’re all daughters. We have lives outside of work, outside of medicine, and when you’re sick or something’s wrong, you need surgery, it affects that. So knowing that you can get somebody back to the best level that they’re supposed to be so they can get back to the life that they’re meant to live. It’s so satisfying.

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