Mason City Clinic Employees Find Purpose in Caring for Others

Mason City Clinic is an organization dedicated to providing high-quality specialty medical, surgical and ancillary care. We have over 40 physicians and ancillary healthcare professionals and over 175 staff members who are committed to meeting the needs of our patients.

We’d like to recognize two of the many outstanding and exceptional staff members who call Mason City Clinic home, Scott Oge, IT and Frances Nez, Patient Care Assistant.

Scott Oge, IT:

“I came to Mason City Clinic in July of 2012. Had a career change in my forties, and I decided that this seemed like a better route to go, and I’ve been here ever since. I make sure that the computers stay running, the printers, anything that plugs into a wall, I try to make sure that it keeps running so the workflow and patient care doesn’t get interrupted. I work with all levels of purchasing clerks, clear up to the physicians.

Everyone has software that they run, everyone has computers that they’re using, so to keep everything running in a timely manner, we make sure that all the programs, all the systems are running at peak efficiency. My mission is to make sure that no one’s day is interrupted. That the systems that we rely on to make the patient experience quick and efficient and beneficial, don’t get interrupted. We don’t want to slow anyone down.

The environment at Mason City Clinic is very team oriented. Even though there’s various departments, everyone works together. Everyone has access to the same reservoir of information, so we can have patients treated from one department to the other, and everyone blends their experience and their knowledge together so the patients get the best care possible. In the last 10 years of being at Mason City Clinic, I’ve taken on more duties, I have more responsibilities. I’ve furthered my education. I went from an associate’s degree to a bachelor’s degree, so I’ve been progressing. I’ve been growing. And there’s more opportunity to go upwards as time goes by. What I like the most about my job is the variety. Every day is something new. Every day is a new challenge. It’s very rewarding to be appreciated. When people say, ‘Hey, thanks for keeping this going, or getting it going again,’ it’s just a nice feeling helping take care of people that take care of other people.”

Frances Nez, Patient Care Assistant:

“So my name is Frances and I’m a certified nurse assistant, and I help the staff with rooming patients, getting vitals, doing intakes on them and supporting them in whatever tasks they need around the clinic. Majority of my work have been working in care centers, and I wanted to do something a little more clinical because I want to go back into nursing. And Mason City Clinic was a good avenue for me to explore that option.

At the Mason City Clinic, I feel like the staff are very supportive. The physicians are very hands-on, and the training just seems like they take the time to explain things. And it seems like I learned something new every week. This past month I’ve been training more into allergies so that kind of was more challenging. And it’s been great so far.

I like helping people because it’s always something I’ve gravitated towards since a young age, and that’s all I’ve ever done my entire life with helping people. So it just brings me satisfaction and I’ve been in situations where I’ve liked the care that I’ve got when I’ve been in healthcare. So that’s kind of why I’ve geared toward Mason City Clinic. When I saw the physicians here they help people and they have that attitude and that drive and it’s family oriented I feel like. So that’s why I like it here.”

Mason City Clinic

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Mason City Clinic was organized 25 years ago with a philosophy that specialists working together in the same organization can offer patients a wider variety of health services more conveniently and efficiently. For our patients, that translates into more personalized, more convenient service.

Up-to-date. Down-to-earth. Close to home. Lots of great reasons to make Mason City Clinic your first choice for all your family’s specialty healthcare needs.

Specialty care close to home

Up-to-date. Down-to-earth. Close to home. Lots of great reasons to make Mason City Clinic
your first choice for all your family’s specialty healthcare needs.

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