Local Farmer Regains Mobility After Knee Replacement Surgery

Iowa corn and soybean farmer, Mike Missman, 63, learned that he might become a knee replacement candidate ten years ago when knee pain led him to consult with Mason City Clinic Orthopedic Surgeon, Michael W. Crane, MD at Britt Medical Clinic of the Hancock County Health System. Dr Crane identified the immediate cause of Mike’s pain as coming from a torn meniscus in his left knee but that was not the whole story. Diagnostic images taken at that time also revealed a degenerative condition that ultimately caused Mike to choose knee replacement surgery a decade later.

After recovering from knee replacement surgery, Mike is pain-free and can finally keep up with his wife on walks and play golf with more mobility and motion.

Depending on the extent of damage to structures inside the knee, your doctor may recommend either a total knee joint replacement or a partial joint replacement, sometimes referred to as a unicondylar knee replacement. Mason City Clinic orthopedic surgeons are skilled and experienced with all types of knee replacement.

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Mike Missman:

I had seen Dr. Crane approximately 10 years ago. I had a torn meniscus in my left knee. And so that’s when it started. We did x-rays and he told me I was going to be a candidate for knee replacement 10 years ago. And over time, it just gradually starts reminding you that it hurts. I decided to do knee replacement or at least confer with Dr. Crane about the knee replacement because of my age. Because the longer you let it go, the harder it is maybe to rehabilitate. So it was time. After one month of rehab, then I start walking on an indoor track. And that was slow. I would say six months after the procedure, I probably quit thinking about it once in a while. Eight months after the procedure, I completely had forgot about it.

I feel more mobility, number one. And number two, also a hobby of mine is golf. And so that was… I wasn’t hindered by it, but now I feel a lot more motion. Plus, I feel like I can get out and keep up with my wife when we walk. She’s a fast walker and I wasn’t. My experiences here at the clinic has been fantastic. I will see Dr. Crane in Britt on Tuesday afternoons because he has appointments in Britt. Well, that’s only 15 minutes away from me. Dr. Crane and I will spend the time talking about the reason why I’m seeing him there. But he also likes to talk about his tractor on his acreage and how he drives that. Because I’m a farmer, so then we have to talk tractors and machinery and sports. I feel the care here is fantastic.

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