Emmetsburg Man Had Ankle Replacement & Has Increased Mobility, Less Pain

Credits Orthopedic Surgeon & Podiatrist At MercyOne North Iowa Specialty Care at Mason City Clinic For His Successful Surgeries

It was 50 years ago when Larry, 71 years old, from Emmetsburg, Iowa, was in a motorcycle accident. His ankle was crushed, and his knee broken under the knee cap.

Said Larry, “Overtime and many years of walking, my right knee was turned at a slight angle. I also had arthritis in the knee, and it really started to swell. I walked different causing my ankle to swell too.”

Initially Larry was introduced to orthopedic surgeon Darron Jones, M.D., about his knee. Said Larry, “We were impressed with him from the moment he walked into the treatment room. I had bone-on-bone arthritis and so I decided to get a knee replacement with Dr. Jones in December 2021.”

As Larry’s knee was healing his ankle continued to be problematic. Said Larry, “I was in a lot of pain and losing mobility. I had my ankle scoped for a second time in Spirit Lake in August 2021 and was in as much or more pain afterwards and decided something else needed to be done. One doctor had suggested an ankle fusion to eliminate pain, but my mobility would have been compromised. So, we needed to find alternatives and that is when I was introduced to Dr. Tyler Mulkey, a podiatrist in the orthopedic department at MercyOne North Iowa Specialty Care at Mason City Clinic.”

“After Dr. Mulkey examined me, he thought I was a candidate for ankle re-placement surgery. We felt very confident with him. He was confident and re-assuring. I was not nervous even though he is a relatively young surgeon.”

In August 2022 Larry had an ankle replacement. “When Dr. Mulkey came out of surgery he had a big smile on his face,” said Larry’s wife, Karen.

Said Larry, “Dr. Mulkey took an interest in us. I like to fish and hunt, and he does too. He got to know us. He’s very personal. He answers all my questions.”

“It was three months before I was walking without a walker or on crutches. But then with rehab, I have been able to build up my strength and mobility, and I have less and less pain as time goes by. Dr. Mulkey said it would be a full year of recovery and rehab. I am looking forward to my one-year anniversary.”

“I am so glad we chose Dr. Mulkey for this surgery. I certainly feel like I made the right decision.”

Seventy-five percent of Americans will experience foot problems at some point in their lives. Because the foot is such an important part of our daily lives, it often requires specialized care from a podiatrist. Foot problems can affect the bones, joints, muscles or skin of the area, all of which are highly susceptible to damage.

Each foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints and 100s of ligaments, muscles and tendons that are all under frequent pressure from daily activities. This puts the foot at high risk for injury and other damage. Weakness of the muscles that power the foot and ankle may place the muscle at risk for an overuse injury from exercise, yard work or a long hike. Ankle muscle weakness may place you at a higher risk for a sprain or strain.

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