Clear Lake Woman Inspired To Stay Healthy After Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Being dissatisfied with how you look can color and shape every part of your life. And though self-esteem is a function of the mind (not the mirror), studies show that improving appearance improves confidence, attitude, personality, and relationships.

In this video, patient Renee Denny of Clear Lake talks about the excellent care she received from Mason City Clinic’s plastics & reconstructive surgeon Dr. René Recinos, and how her surgeries (tummy tuck and panniculectomy) not only give her self-confidence but motivate her to keep the weight off. Renee is looking forward to a healthy and active life and being able to be physically active with her future grandchildren.

Over the past 20 years, there has been a dramatic shift in how people perceive cosmetic procedures. At one time, cosmetic surgery was thought to be only for the rich and famous. But in 2017, 17.5 million surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Mason City Clinic board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons have over 25 years of combined experience. Thanks to their outstanding reputations, they attract many patients from outside Iowa, from the East Coast and the Southeastern United States, too. If you’re interested in speaking with a Mason City Clinic doctor about plastic and/or reconstructive surgery, schedule a consultation at 641-494- 5360.


Renee Denny: I had been overweight for many years. Up and down, lots of diets, lost weight, gained it back, plus more, just not successful. I had the lap band in for about four years, and it was malfunctioning. And so we did a conversion to gastric bypass surgery in December of 2014, and had wonderful success. I lost almost 100 pounds. And then about three years after that surgery, I was experiencing difficulty with loose skin and getting infections in the abdominal area. So my doctor referred me to Dr. Recinos to pursue possible skin removal surgery.

First, I had a consultation appointment with Dr. Recinos, and of course, he did an exam and suggested, yes, we need to do the panniculectomy, which is the skin removal. And then he also said, it was elective for me. If you choose to, you could also do the abdominalplasty, which is like a tummy tuck. And I thought, “Well, since I’m already doing this skin removal, I might as well do them both,” and so I chose to do both.

Dr. Recinos takes the time to visit with me, offers suggestions, and when I had panniculectomy, my insurance did not want to pay for the hospital stay. So it got to the point where Dr. Recinos actually wrote a personal letter to my insurance company, which I thought was way above and beyond what a regular doctor’s expectations would be. So he wrote that letter and my insurance ended up accepting it and paying for my overnight stay.

It’s very much a mission of mine to keep the weight off. I mean, I’ve worked hard to get here. But I’m also hoping someday to be a grandmother, so I want to be able to be active and run around with grandkids. I’m working really hard to try to stay healthy and keep the weight off. I think Dr. Recinos truly cares about his patients, just in the time he takes when I’m there. Asking questions, wanting my input, making suggestions, and just the follow-up. He was always willing, if I had questions, to either talk to me personally, “Why don’t you come in?” I just truly feel like he cares about me and my wellbeing.

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