Are You Looking To Be A Healthier You In 2022?

Here are 5 Tips For A Healthier You

1. Avoid smoking

Smoking tobacco and even exposure to second-hand smoke contribute to premature death from heart and lung disease, heart attack, and cancer. It is never too late to quit. When you stop smoking, the risk of heart disease decreases rapidly. After a few years, your risk is almost as low as if you had never smoked.

It is also important to avoid second-hand smoke which may have the same health risks as smoking. It is particularly important for children and people with asthma and respiratory problems to live in a smoke-free environment.

2. Eat well

A good diet can help keep your weight down and make you feel good overall. But even more important, a good diet protects against stroke, cancer and other serious diseases.

Here are some tips:

Eat small portions of lean meat, fish or poultry and remove visible fat.

Plan your meals from vegetables, fruits, rice, pasta, bread, and cereals. Choose whole grain foods, e.g., whole wheat bread, brown rice. Eat also some portions of green and yellow vegetables, fruit, and vegetables every day.

Choose low- fat dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cottage cheese. (1% or 2% butter fat or skimmed products).

Reduce butter, oil, and margarine. Prepare your foods using the least fat as possible.

Limit salt, alcohol, and caffeine. Prepared foods contain large amounts of salt. Consuming more than two alcoholic drinks a day raises blood pressure, which is a serious risk of heart disease and stroke. Limit your alcohol to two drinks per day.  Keep your intake of caffeine, including coffee, tea, and colas, to a moderate level.

3. Incorporate physical activity into your life

Exercise helps your heart, lungs, and blood vessels function better while reducing your cholesterol and blood pressure. Anything that increases your heart rate can be considered exercise. Start slowly and combine activities that enhance strength, flexibility, and endurance. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Get off the bus a few stops early and walk the rest of the way. Walk through your neighborhood. Get up from your chair every hour to stretch your muscles and do a few squats.

4. Know your blood pressure

Even if you are in great shape, you may suffer from hypertension without knowing it because there are no obvious symptoms. Men and women of all ages may be affected. The only way to verify this is to get your blood pressure checked by a health professional.

Hypertension is a serious health disorder that can cause heart disease and heart attack. Hypertension can be corrected, however. If your blood pressure is high, please follow the recommendations of your doctor.
Here are some general tips that will also help your blood pressure:

• Quit smoking
• Get regular physical activity
• Reduce your intake of alcohol or cease to consume
• Maintain a healthy weight
• Eat less salt

5. Relax and enjoy life

Sometimes, we go too hard on ourselves. Learn to relax and have fun, take the time to do fun activities and enjoy the company of friends and family members.

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