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Have You Had Too Many Bladder Accidents?

A Woman's Guide to Treating Urinary Incontinence


Bladder accidents are more common than you think. With more than 200 million people in the world suffering from involuntary bladder leakage every day, urinary incontinence is not something to be embarrassed about or a condition you must accept because of your age. In this guide you will discover:

  • What causes bladder leaks and overactive bladder (OAB)?
  • If urinary incontinence is typically easily treated, why do millions of people suffer unnecessarily?
  • Lifestyle remedies and exercises that can reduce bathroom trips and help stop bladder leaks
  • What conditions are temporary, and which ones can be permanent (and possibly dangerous) if left untreated?
  • Medications and minimally invasive surgical procedures that stop bladder leaks and OAB: learn the risks, benefits and common side effects.
  • And much more

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